Tree of Life & Wedding Ring

Tree of Life Wedding Rings

The meaning of the Tree of Life can be debated among many groups of people.  There are references and citations throughout many parts of the world as well in many religions all pointing to different meanings and interpretations.  For an account of those visit:  Tree of Life Meanings.

Tree of Life Jewelry has become very popular over the past few years and many variations are available today.

Keith Jack Tree of Life Collection: Is a beautiful collection with stunning twists and turns in sterling silver and sterling silver with 10K accents.  Pendants in various sizes, striking earrings and stunning bracelets and rings.  Visit Keith Jack's Tree of Life Collection.

Boru Jewelry Tree of Life Ring: Boru Jewelry in Dublin Ireland has an amazing Tree of Life Ring.  Trees were an important part of Celtic belief and culture. The Celtic believed the tree symbolized knowledge, the continuity of life.  Boru’s Tree of Life Ring has an etched branch pattern with the words: Devotion, Trust, Price, Live, Love, Friendship, Joy, Hope, Forgiveness, Courage, sorrow, Passion, Faith, Acceptance, Regret, Life woven through the branch.  This ring is available in two widths in sterling silver and custom in 10K and 14K gold.  Visit Boru's Tree of Life Ring

Tree of Life by Lashbrook Designs & GETi

Tree of Life Wedding Ring by GETi:  GETi a jeweler in Birmingham England specializes in alternative metals and their Tree of Life ring is very stoic with the tree of Life going all the way around the band and is available in several widths.  Looks amazing in the satin finish and is available in titanium. Visit GETi's Tree of Life Ring.

Tree of Life Wedding Ring by Lashbrook Designs:  Lashbrook has a beautiful extra wide Celtic Tree of Life Wedding ring with two trees and a handsome Celtic Knot border.  Laser Etched in either Cobalt Chrome or Titanium.  See Lashbrook's Tree of Life Ring.

Custom Tree of Life Wedding Rings

Custom Tree of Life Rings:  Our most popular custom tree of life ring is called Branches we have done this ring in many variations domed and flat in several widths and finishes.  

Mary Comerford