Spotlight on FADO


We have had the pleasure of both getting to know and do business with John Condron of Fado for almost 20 years. Fado’s wedding rings are both heritage inspired and stunning. Fado’s Jewelry and wedding rings are available in sterling silver, 10K and 14K yellow or white gold. Platinum and rose Gold are available on some styles

FADO: What does FADO mean: FADO is Gaelic and means “Long Ago”

FADO’s Wedding Ring collections:

The Corrib Claddagh:

Where salmon leap, love and friendship reign. As Lough Corrib spills out onto Galway Bay along the Corrib river, it passes the ancient village of Claddagh. It was here that the original Claddagh Ring was first created by Richard Joyce, in the 17th century. The Corrib Claddagh Collection bring new light to this ancient symbol of love, loyalty and friendship.

Corrrib Claddagh Collection.

Corrib Claddagh Engagement & Wedding Rings

Corrib Claddagh Engagement & Wedding Rings

The An Ri Collection:

Of saints, kings and vikings. Lough Ree takes its name from the Irish word Ri, meaning King. In earlier times, native Irish, Viking invaders and the more passive monks, vied for control of this majestic and beautiful part of the River Shannon. The An Ri Collection is inspired by the Ardagh Chalice, designed by monks who lived on the Shannon’s shores.

An Ri Collection

An Ri Wedding Rings

An Ri Wedding Rings

The Livia Collection:

An echo of golden hills. Wicklow’s mysti lakes and rivers have, over millennia, yielded gold and silver worn by High Kings, merchants, and invaders. Anna Livia Plurabelle, or the River Liffey as it is more commonly known, rises in Wicklow’s golden hills. Inspired by its twists and turns the Livia Collection merges interlace and woven styles from illuminated manuscripts like the books of Durrow and Kells.

Livia Collection

FADO Livia Engagement Rings & Wedding Ring

FADO Livia Engagement Rings & Wedding Ring

The Sheelin Collection:

Timeless craft, unending beauty. Lough Sheelin is a haven of tranquility, myth and legend, situated at the point where three counties meet - Meath, Westmeath and Cavan. The Sheelin Collection is based on a celtic knot used in the The Book of Kells, which was created nearby. The continuous interlace and overlap of the design represents eternity.

Sheelin Collection

FADO Sheelin Collection of Wedding Rings

FADO Sheelin Collection of Wedding Rings

Inspired by the Irish culture and storytelling, Fado’s Celtic themed jewelry has always been both unique and very well crafted.

Whether it be a simple silver wedding band or a very high end engagement ring with precious stones, our customers continue to me more than happy.    

Mary Comerford