Irish Wedding Rings

Irish Wedding Rings

When you say Irish Wedding Rings a few different things come to mind, first wedding rings made in Ireland or possibly a style of wedding rings such as the Claddagh or perhaps the rings with Irish text on them.

Though all three would be correct I will leave the Claddagh and Gaelic/Irish text wedding rings for another post and just visit with our Irish Jewelers. (Irish Wedding Rings - made in Ireland). Unique Celtic Wedding Rings carries three excellent Irish jewelers and will be adding some new Irish rings in 2019.

FADO Wedding Rings

FADO is an Irish Jewelry company with John Condron (known as John Christopher) at the helm. FADO is in Blackrock at the base of the Wicklow mountains just south of Dublin. John’s Irish Wedding Rings are available in sterling silver, 10K and 14K yellow and white and custom in Rose Gold, 18K and platinum. John’s Collections include the Celtic Sheelin and The Corrib Claddagh along with many contemporary Irish styles.

FADO Irish Wedding Rings.

Boru Wedding Rings

Boru is in Dublin Ireland and they have an extensive line of Celtic and Irish Wedding Rings. Boru’s wedding rings are available in sterling silver, 10K or 14K gold and custom in 18K gold or platinum. Including in their range is the Gealltanas Siorai or the Eternal Promise Collection which are four designs with four Gaelic sayings with one underlying promise. Also included in the range is the Faith Collection which has six heritage inspired designs each with a rail edge with the word “Faith” in Ogham. The Celtic Warrior Shield is one of the most popular Irish wedding rings. In addition to the Warrior Shield Jewelry Collection there are many variations of the Celtic Warrior Shield in Wedding Rings and more will be added in the next few months.

Boru Irish Wedding Rings.

Shanore Wedding Rings

Shanore is also in Dublin Ireland and most of the their wedding rings have stones included. They are available in 14K yellow or White and two tone Gold. The heritage inspired Irish line include Trinity Knot, Celtic Knots and Claddagh ranging in very narrow widths to about 7 mm wide. Shanore also have a line of Irish Wedding Rings available in Sterling Silver.

Shanore Wedding Rings.