Detailed Sizing Instructions


You have found the perfect wedding ring online but you not sure of your size.   What do you do?  The three best options for finding your correct size are:

Being sized by a jeweler: 

  • Use an independent jeweler (not a big chain store - don't boast that you buying a ring online and just need to be sized.)

  • All of our rings are sized to the center so be sized to the center (not lead edge) (Center sizing is where the center of the ring or sizing gauge falls on the mandrel. Lead edge sizing is where the first (leading) edge of the ring or gauge falls on the mandrel)

  • Take note on if the ring you selected is a standard fit or comfort fit.  (Standard is flat on the inside, comfort fit is curved on the inside so it is easier to take on and off.)

Most of our silver and gold rings are standard fit but we do have some that are comfort fit.  All of the alternative metal rings are comfort fit.

The jeweler will most likely use a key ring of gauges or individual gauges that are about 6 mm wide (see image A) and the sizes are written on them the - indicates the 1/2 size (see image B).

  • Try the gauges on until you find the one that fits best. (You don't want it too tight be sure you can put the gauge on and off without too much difficulty.)  

  • Try the next gauge up and next gauge down just be sure then have the gauge checked on a mandrel (image C).  (The mandrels are all standard but I have seen slight variations in the gauges so they should be checked.) 

  • So where the center of the gauge falls on the mandrel should match the number on gauge.  

  • If it does great - if not, you need to see where the center of the gauge falls and that should be the size you order.

  • Image D shows a size 7 gauge falling to the center on the mandrel while image E shown size 10 center falling just a bit short of the 10 and your size may be closer to a 9.75 center. (Quarter size is not that significant but if the gauge is a little tight at the 10 I would stay 10 but if a little lose I would go 9.75.

  • A good way to double check is to try on some rings and check the sizes on a mandrel.

  • A few examples image F is a 5 mm flat profile ring and is a size 9; image G is a 8 mm flat profile ring and is a size 9; image H is an 11 mm ring flat profile and is a size 9.  Note that all of the rings are different widths but all fall 9 center on the mandrel.



  • If the ring is standard error on the size of a lose.  If the ring you selected is comfort fit error on the size of tight.

  • You may need to adjust your size up if the ring is over 8 mm wide and is a standard fit ring.

  • Just about all of our rings are available in a 1/4 size.  Contact us for more information.

  • Narrow engagement rings or rings that are tapered will be different from your band size.

  • Your size will fluctuate slightly during the time of day and times of year. (extreme hot or extreme cold weather)

Mary Comerford