Emeralds:  Definitely my favorite of the big three – also my very first serious jewelry purchase when I was a very young twenty something.  I had a call the other day from a customer who was concerned that there was a line that looked like a crack inside the stone and I remember thinking that myself when I purchase my first emerald.

Real emeralds will have what are called inclusions or flaws.  These flaws are not considered a negative trait but a positive character of the stone and assures that the emerald is natural.  Inclusions are tolerated more in emeralds than in any other gem.

When cut and polished Emeralds have a glass like luster and the clarity translucent to opaque, transparent stones are most desirable and are more valuable. 

The Emerald Cut - is a special cut designed just for this gem.  This is the most common cut for this stone.  The emerald cut is a step-cut  with a rectangular shape and truncated corners. Emeralds are also cut into other traditional shapes such as round, oval and pear.

Emeralds can be found all over the world.  Stones used in our Jewelry are from Columbia or Brazil.

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Mary Comerford