Gaelic: Togetherness

Celtic Swan Wedding Ring

The Gaelic phrase “le cheile” cannot be directly translated into the English language; however, the phrase universally denotes the feeling of being “together” or “togetherness.”  The Irish use “le cheile” to convey even deeper meanings such as unity between a husband and wife; strength of community; spiritual wholeness; and the fundamental bond that unites all living beings.

Wedding rings are considered the physical representation of the wedding vows.  And choosing matching Le Cheile wedding rings is a lovely way for a couple to embrace their togetherness.  When worn as part of a pair, these rings symbolize the unyielding bond between two people and connect them even when they are apart.

Unique Celtic Wedding Rings offers Boru Jewelry Le Cheile Wedding Rings available in two different styles.  Our customers also have the option of designing their own custom le cheile wedding rings in a variety of alternative metals.

Mary Comerford