The Meaning behind the Trinity Knot

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Trinity Knot Wedding Ring

Trinity Knot Wedding Ring

The Celtic trinity knot has appeared in several guises through the centuries. The Celts were very familiar with the trinity as the symbol of life being earth wind and water.

Later as life became somewhat easier for the ancient Celts the trinity came to mean mind, body, spirit or past present and future.

However, with the coming of St. Patrick and Christianity the knot was reinterpreted as the perfect symbol of the divine trinity and representing eternity.

In Modern times the simple design has been given as a token of never ending love. The enchanting knot has been updated by the crafts.

Unique Trinity Wedding Bands and Trinity Knot Engagement Rings come in a wide range of styles all uniquely beautiful.  The Celtic Wedding bands we offer are all handcrafted in Dublin Ireland from award winning designers such as Fado, Shanore and Boru. Imported from Canada by Keith Jack. Alternative metal rings by GETi (made in the UK) and Lashbrook Designs (made in the USA).

Trinity Knot Wedding Rings

Trinity Knot Engagement Rings

Alternative Metal Trinity Knot Wedding Rings

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