Custom Rune & Valknut

Custom Rune & Valknut Wedding Ring

Custom Rune & Valknut Wedding Ring

This great looking custom ring is made of Cobalt Chrome with laser carved with custom rune text and Valknut symbol. 8 mm wide comfort fit and polished finish. This ring can be further customized by changing the profile, edges and finish. Rune or Ogham text with any Irish, Celtic, Norse or other symbol.

RUNE: The word "Rune" means "secret wisdom" or "mystery". The runic alphabet is comprised of a 24 rune sequence, like the alphabet, that is known as the futhark. Like other phonetics based alphabets, each rune represents an idea and a sound, making them useful to spell out words. Though most experts believe their creation occurred sometime in the first century A.D., there are some who believe runes were first used as early as 200 B.C. More information on Runes Rune Converter

VALKNUT: The Valknut symbol is a noble and mysterious Germanic symbol. Its true meanings partially lost in the records of time, and remembered only in the hearts of the truest Germanic warriors who give this meaning symbol. The Valknut is a symbol of folk-remembrance, sacrifice, honor, dedication, even love, for the act of dying in battle for our people is a true act of love. More information on Valknut

Mary Comerford