New! Celtic Claddagh Wedding Ring with Custom Ogham Rail Edge


Brand new Claddagh alternating with Celtic Knots go around this stunning new ring. Your name or short phrase in the ancient text of Ogham on the rail edge.

This Celtic Claddagh Wedding Ring is available in sterling silver, Sterling and 10K, all 10K or all 14K yellow or white gold.

Claddagh & Celtic Knot Wedding Ring
Celtic Claddagh Wedding Ring by Boru

Ideas for custom Ogham:

anam cara = soulmate
mo grhá thu = you are my love
mo chuisle = my pulse or my love
croí álainn = beautiful heart
mo chroí = my heart
álainn = beautiful
mo chuisle, = my pulse
mo chroí = my heart
grá mo chroí = love of my heart
le grá go deo = with love forever
síorghrá = eternal love
mo shíorghrá = my eternal love
grá go deo = love forever

Mary Comerford