Celtic Tree of Life

Celtic Tree of Life Meaning

Recently I have come across many references to the "Tree of Life", in particular the "Celtic" Tree of Life.  For a god while now, we have been offering Celtic Tree of Life pendants, earrings and rings from Keith Jack a very talented designer from Scotland now residing in Canada.  As Keith says the "Tree of Life" represents the natural law of life and the interconnection of all living things.  An ancient symbol of Strength and Wisdom.  

Astrology of the Ancients has an interesting article on the Celtic Tree of Life.  They touch on the importance of nature to the Celts and how the forces of nature come together to create harmony and balance. (Read the article:  Celtic Tree of Life Meaning from astrology of the ancients)

Ireland Calling says the tree of life is drawn showing branches reaching towards the sky and roots spreading into the earth symbolizing the link between heaven and earth.  (Read: Celtic Tree of Life Ireland Calling).

I think the Tree of Life is symbolic to people in many different ways.  Personally I  like the idea of balance and harmony, growth and strength with deep roots here on earth but reaching for heaven.  

Here are some jewelry variations of the tree of life.

Mary Comerford