Custom Celtic Wedding Bands

Custom Celtic Wedding Rings

Custom Wedding Rings

Custom Wedding Rings

Making a Custom Celtic Wedding Ring?  It goes without saying that all of the rings we carry from our jewelers are just beautiful and certainly don't need improvement, that being said you may want to make some minor changes to some of our existing rings or design a ring all your own using one of these as inspiration.  

Customization can happen in many ways.  It may include just changing the metal from a precious metal to an alternative metal or vice versa we can also change a mixed metal to all silver or all gold.  

Changing the metal from precious to an alternative metal is appropriate for people that are hard on their jewelry.  The alternative metals such as titanium, cobalt chrome, and zirconium are very durable and can withstand more of a beating than precious metal.  Things to consider when choosing an alternative metal are (1) they are difficult to resize if it can be done at all; (2) we cannot pierce the metal (filigree), and (3) not every stone can be used with these metals so there are some limitations. 

We can alter the profile: flat, domed or concaved.  Rings with phrases can be changed to a custom phrase either in English or Gaelic.  We can change Celtic Knots to a new knot and Irish or Celtic symbols to different symbols.

Colors of stones can be changed or stones can be added.  For the titanium and cobalt chrome rings, precious metal inlay can be added.

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Mary Comerford