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Celtic Wedding Rings

Celtic Wedding Rings

The Celtic Knot is one of the best known motifs in Celtic art & folklore. The twists and turns of the design are found in ancient stone art and tattoos, in illuminated manuscripts- in fact, just about anywhere the Celtic people have traveled through the centuries.

The Celtic knot is also known as the universal symbol of an endless circle of one. A wedding ring with Celtic knotwork is a row of intertwined knots with no beginning and no end - symbolizing the winding together of a couples lives into one.

For those of us with Irish heritage, a knot pays homage to your rich Celtic roots along with your marriage. The knot then represents the intertwining of the love, friendship, lives and heritage of two people.

Unique Celtic Wedding Bands and Celtic Engagement Rings come in a wide range of styles all uniquely beautiful.  The Celtic Wedding bands we offer are all handcrafted in Dublin Ireland from award winning designers such as FadoShanore and Boru. Celtic Wedding rings from Canada by Keith Jack. Alternative metals from GETi (made in the UK) and Lashbrook Designs (made in the USA).

Mary Comerford